is a platform created with Communication in mind.

Its focus is on providing spaces and forums where both masters of the communication profession as well as persons interested in, and those who utilise the tenets of Communication across sectors at every level can benefit from Training, Resources, Events and Experiences. 

Community the Conference - Welcome to the neighbourhood of effective communication.

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JULY 02, 2024

9AM - 4PM

$450 TTD

There is no power for change greater
than a community discovering what
it cares about.

Welcome to the Neighborhood of Effective Communication



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Alone, we can do so little; together,
we can do so much.


Established December 13, 2017 PRos & COMMS Ltd. focuses on the PR and Communication aspects of any job.

We believe that communication is central to the foundation of building anything you can dream of. From events to brands to businesses and the like – having a communication strategy should be included in the first 5 things you do when developing your working framework. 

Sadly, it is also often, the most overlooked. 

At PRos and COMMS Ltd., we make communication our business. 

We work with our clients from conceptualisation to execution to ensure that your message is conveyed using the right channels, resources, and language so that your audience whether internal to your organisation or external,  is clear about what you wish to communicate.

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